Lao Tzu 570-490 BC


Lao Tzu

With Lao Tzu came the experience of Tao. The Tao was a way between opposites, a silence between sounds, beyond words.
The rigid sense of opposition pervaded the changes without any coherent order or sequence. Such was the way of Later Heaven. Through Tao the opposites were neutralized and a silent unknowable experience remained. As in Buddhism the way of the receptive prevailed. The way of the superior man was humbled. The inconsistencies of the Later World Arrangement were transcended. The corrupted sequence was transcended. Music and rituals, time and change were transcended. A way of not knowing emerged.

Lao Tzu

A seemingly new literacy developed, yet it was still based on the changes. The changes were used to reach beyond the knowable to the experience of Tao. Nothingness. Oneness. Empty of thought or disturbances.
The duality of the changes and the uniting of opposites, to bring one to the experience of silence, the receptive way of Tao, provided a fertile learning environment.
The unknowable way became the way.
The unspeakable word became the word.
The unthinkable thought became the thought.

Yin Yang symbol

A new literacy arose and began to permeate the changes. Shortly thereafter the concept of Yin and Yang began. Until Lao Tzu the changes were expressed in terms of the firm and the yielding, of the light and the dark, or in the ceremonies and the music.
Yin and yang with its symbol brought a renewed sense of balance to the opposites and an inherent sense of natural sequence. This sense of natural sequence was an affirmation of the Sequence of Earlier Heaven and the ways of the ancient Fu Hsi.
This revitalized sense of sequence became an inspiration and a standard or mean for the development of martial arts such as Tai Chi and Chi Kung.
Unfortunately the I Ching, the calendar and the ceremonies were still out of their natural order. They were still based on the Sequence of Later Heaven. There was still mud in the waters of the well. There was still a need for work on what had been spoiled.
From the unknowable Tao, nothing mattered. The attachment to time was transcended. Even though Taoism identified with the Sequence of Earlier Heaven, the cultural and calendar references in China embraced the ways of Later Heaven. The relationship to the heavens remained a numerological or abstract contemplation.
Tao was a refreshing new influence but because of a lack of emphasis on sequence and time, the teachings and examples had an obscurity to them. They made perfect sense but not common sense. There was still a distortion to transcend.
A new seed, however, had germinated. The experience of the ebb and flow of wordless change became embraced by the martial arts, and carried on over the next twenty-five hundred years to the present.
The ways of knowledge and education continued to be based on the Sequence of Later Heaven. Taoism was just one voice in the mix. The ways of Later Heaven continued to prevail within the I Ching. The way of the superior man predominated. The superior man ideally was supposed to be guided by virtue. Unfortunately few, if any, leaders ever lived up to the standard. This was the naivety of the belief in the superior man. Perhaps it was really a gullibility.
The ways of healing, the ceremonies and music, the calendar, the I Ching and subsequent teachings continued to empower and use the Sequence of Later Heaven. To this day, from Feng Shui to acupuncture, the Sequence of Later Heaven stands as the predominant standard or mean.
Unfortunately it is not the natural or the healing sequence. It is a series of notes, played out of tune and perpetuated on the ignorant.
Fortunately the Sequence of Earlier Heaven survived within the discord and misinformation of the Sequence of Later Heaven. A soft harmonious melody of natural order could be heard if one would listen.
Unfortunately the evolution of logic, philosophy and science was impaired by attempting to validate this Later Sequence. Even in genetic DNA studies clear perceptions are obscured by the sequence of Later Heaven.
Fortunately the Sequence of Earlier Heaven is still knowable and if the world or modern China embraces the proper sequence, far reaching would be the effects.