Phases of the Day

Phases of the Day

In this diagram the four directions are correlated with the phases of the day.

On the innermost line of each trigram one can observe the daylight increasing (or solid line) on the Eastern side. One can also see the darkness increasing (or broken line) on the Western half.

Midnight corresponds to the North where one finds the greatest darkness or the trigram with three broken lines. Noon corresponds to the South where one finds the greatest light or the trigram with the three solid lines.

One can observe Sunrise in the East where light is increasing, and Sunset in the West where darkness is increasing.

One can easily observe the clarity and natural association of these correspon­dences.

This diagram is the same as the previous one, but the factor of direction or sequence is revealed. As the earth rotates counterclockwise, the heavens ascend and descend in a clockwise direction.

One can see the Sun in the East at sunrise, and in the South at Noon (in the Northern hemisphere) and in the West at sunset. It is of course too dark to see it at midnight.

This diagram or wheel makes obvious sense. It is a clear presentation of time and space in a day on the Earth. It is a device that can measure the world around us. From such a device we can begin to understand our relationship to the world and to each other.

This diagram is the same as the previous one but astrological factors have been added. One can see the Ascendant (Asc) in the East, the Midheaven (MC) in the South, the Descendant (Desc) in the West and the Imum Coeli (IC) in the North.

In a horoscope these four factors or angles represent the four directions. One can ob­serve the relationship of the trigrams to the basic astrological House sectors.

Once again this is the same drawing as the previous one, but here the direction or sequence of the cycle is revealed.

The Sun, Moon and planets start rising at the IC and rise above the horizon at the Ascendant, reaching the highest point in the sky at the Midheaven, and setting below the horizon at the Descendant and returning to the deepest darkest place beneath the Earth at the IC.