Eight Directions

Eight Directions

This is a more detailed correlation by Fu Hsi of the eight trigrams to the eight direc­tions.

It must be remembered here that this drawing was published by King Wan and the Duke of Chou who were promoting a different system and trying to replace this one.

There might not have been adequate attention to the details of Fu Hsi’s diagram.

This diagram just makes a slight adjustment. The eight directions are shown as points on the compass and the trigrams are shown as phases between them.

Again it is emphasized that someone who studied these changes deeply would realize that they are phases and not points of the circle. It is naive to assume that Fu Hsi would not be aware of this. It would be a significant error to presume that people were less intelligent in ancient times. They were intelli­gent enough to develop this system which people are still studying today and which, through the binary code, permeates every computer today.

This diagram just adds the direction of the sequence around the circle of the horizon.

One last comment here is that every trigram while in a correct sequence is also oppo­site its natural opposite. A solid line is opposite a broken line and vice versa. All the lines are naturally balanced and neutralized.

This is the perfect natural order.